Minister of Culture and Fine help boost the appeal of signer Van Nila


In a meeting with a group of artists who have taken a petition condemning anonymous penetrated nude photo of singer Van Nila held in the Ministry of Culture and Fine to ask for intervention from the Secretary on 28 June 2016, there are artists, many work supported by thumbprint Ms. Phuong Sakona continue to urge this matter to the end.

Despite the presence artist in the ceremony this every few but for thumbprints by handed she was up to more than 300 thumbprints. Mr. Sos Mach, Chairman Artisans Association of Cambodia, said that petition submit to the Secretary Ministry of Culture and Fine up to 368 thumbprints to push this thing to the end.

Those who attended the meeting with the Secretary this afternoon, said that together, after receiving the petition and listen to the mentioned mistakes of singer Van Nila then Secretary also announced presence of artists, all who participate to help track complaints of Miss. Van Nila in the Ministry of Interior to make this thing soon gain obtained that she was suffering.

Meanwhile, Miss. Van Nila hopes will can find who posted pictures of her naked convictions road to fail.

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