Streamlining and Automation of Business Registration Project

Automation of Business Registration System is the project contributed by the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) and the Multi-Donor Trust Fund through the Trade Development Support Program (TDSP) carried out by the Department of International Cooperation (DICO) of the Ministry of Commerce. The system was designed and put into operation in early 2016 to provide significantly ease, improve access, and reduce the time and cost for entrepreneurs to register new businesses in the kingdom of Cambodia, in line with private sector development of the RGC’s Rectangular Strategy.

At the present, the new system has helped reduce the time to register the company from 5-7 days to 1 hour; changed from paper base to fully automated registration; cut down the human interaction between officials of the ministry and applicants; and allowed the businessmen to register the company from anywhere in the country and in the world without coming to the Ministry of Commerce. Moreover, it the applicants can pay the fee by Electronic Payment, and print his own certificate of incorporation.

This short documentary video will elaborate and explain the establishment process of the Business Registration Automation System and its benefits for the traders, the citizens, and the country.