Plates from leaves of Areca tree in Cambodia

AT Univers Co., Ltd is the value creator with biodegradable plates from leaves of Areca tree in Cambodia. We are looking for partners to supply these products in Cambodia market.
First promotion will be introduced in One Province One Product(15th ~18th Dec, Kampong Cham Zone, Koh Pich Island, Phnom Penh). If you are interested in leaf plates, please send facebook messenger or e-mail([email protected])

Product Description

Texture of leaves and plain beauty of curved line serve feeling of high quality and eco-friendly image anytime, anywhere.

It can be usable in a microwave and oven. Plates have light weight, high durability and various utility. It can be applied events such as party and banquet.

Products are made from fallen leaves without destroying nature. Used plates can be decomposed in sixty days with a soil. There is no chemical and additive in whole production process.

For gift
The brand of “Made in Cambodia” gives unique identity. And three benefits of plates add the value of gift and souvenir.