Experiences with iCloud Unlock website

My iPad air 2 was locked with somebody iCloud user when my sister bring it to store in my country (Cambodia) to install game and apps.

When she accidentally update firmware iOS, now my iPad completely freeze as rock.

I try to search on google to find website provide the icloud unlock service. I found one website (https://iphoneimei.net) and I think I can trust on it. They give me a menu to to click and fill in the information of my ipad (imei) and bring me make a payment with my Visa card. After I paid already, I received one email and noticed that my ipad not possible to remove the Activation Lock without refund and just give me a link http://cleancheck.me to check my device show IS UNCLEAN.

A long time later,after hopeless on the first website.  I found one website https://www.officialiphoneunlock.co.uk

I try to buy their iCloud Unlock service on 08 October 2017.

Unfortunately, Until now (29 January 2018) my ipad still locked with iCloud and I haven’t got any information from them.

I don’t know both of this websites are cheat iCloud Unlock service or not.