A religious ceremony to put four pieces of crystals back on the top of Angkor Thom’s Takav Gate

On 9 June 2022, when the restoration work is almost completed, the restoration team of APSARA National Authority holds the religious ceremony by putting some auspicious stones back to the original place on the top of Takav Gate of Angkor Thom according to the traditional and religious beliefs.

Quartz stones are the type of precious stone called crystal. Ms. Meng Sovanlylin, Architect of the Department of Conservation of Monuments and Preventive Archaeology​​, said that the four stones were found by the restoration team in July 2021 when the team removed the stone from the top of the gate to rearrange those stones.

Ms. Meng Sovanlylin added that the objects found on the top of the gate are believed by the Khmer ancestors who built the temples in the Angkor site as auspicious objects that could make those buildings strong. Therefore, the restoration team of Takav Gate put those pieces of quartz stones in their original places according to the tradition of believing that these auspicious crystals will protect and maintain the gate to remain for more decades.

Article: Miss Chhay Phanny

Photos: Mr. Hab Kim An