It is hereby put into force the Lists of Prohibited and Restricted Goods, which is in line with the Cambodia Customs Tariff 2017, appear as Annexes of this Anukret.

The Ministry of Economy and Finance shall timely update the commodity codes in the lists of the Annexes of this Anukret corresponding to the transposition of WCO Harmonized System and ASEAN Harmonized Tariff Nomenclature.

A commodity which is subject to prohibition and restriction of importation-exportation and transit shall be determined in this Anukret. The amendment of commodity and/or treatment of prohibited and restricted goods shall be done by the Committee on Economic and Financial Policy.

In the event that there is any risk which is required immediate action, the competent ministries may take temporary measures for control of importation-exportation and transit of the risky goods, despite the fact that commodity is not stated in this Anukret, and set precise timeframe of the measures, not exceeding 6 months. The duration of the measures can be terminated earlier or extended depending on actual circumstances.